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Marketing/Venues and Tech Applications!

On The Rocks is looking for two people to join our executive committee!

Head of Marketing: The Head Of Marketing for On The Rocks, the UK’s largest student run arts festival, is responsible for coordinating publicity strategy for the Festival and all of its affiliated events throughout the year. The work requires the ability to logistically plan digital and physical publicity campaigns in order to effectively sell OTR events to a variety of demographic groups. The role requires a balance of marketing the Festival’s events as individual entities and the Festival itself as a platform for artistic engagement for both students and the wider St Andrews community.

Head of Venues and Tech: You are responsible for assessing all event applications based on health and safety, as well as feasibility from a technical/spacial standpoint. You must make sure all festival events are supervised. The festival itself is a large time commitment for Head of Venues and Tech – you are usually on call throughout the two-week period, helping as needed, solving problems, hauling tables, rigging lights as needed. Organisation, people skills, and good working relationships with members of ENTs and Mermaids are incredibly useful.

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