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As second semester starts to get underway, at the forefront of my mind is the small matter that there are only two months to go until the Festival kicks off. My absolute favourite aspect of my role as Head of Press is the fact that it is actually my job to shout from the rooftops about my love for the Festival and the arts. Being part of the press team is a lot of fun as our roles are constantly evolving. I spend a lot of my time sending emails and writing press releases, and meeting with lots of interesting people. So far, I’ve being getting to know some of the people from the University Press Office, editors of student publications, as well as those from local magazines. There is a real sense of satisfaction seeing words and articles about the Festival in print, and I especially loved reading the reviews of our first semester event. Seeing people find enjoyment in creativity and the events OTR put on is really something.Press is such a rewarding role – and particularly so when it can feel like the Festival preparations are never-ending. At least until the Festival actually happens, seeing articles, previews and reviews both online and tangibly in magazines and newspapers makes it all seem a little more real to me! More than that, it is evidence of all of the work which goes into planning for the festival on behalf of all of the societies and individuals without who none of it would be possible.

Right now, myself and the press team are beginning to embark on the craziness which Semester 2 inevitably brings. As well as working on publicity for volunteer applications (which you should all fill out by the way – it was honestly one of the highlights of my first year) and our Programme Launch which will take place on 8th March, we’ll be sorting out the previews and reviewers for all of the amazing events which we are lucky enough to host as part of our Festival’s programme this year. I can assure you that this year’s programme is unmissable – and I’m hoping that you’ll start to see bits and pieces about it as it all comes together in both student and local publications.If you are interesting in covering the festival, please feel free to send me an email at; I’d love to hear your ideas!

Jess Armstrong

Head of Press

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