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Programming the Festival

Now we’re at the exciting part.

The OTR team has been working very hard recently. Our Head of Events Oli Savage and his team somehow managed to pull off a full day of immersive art on the top floor of the union. It gave us just a small taster of what was to come with the festival, and I am very excited to see what St Andrews has to offer next April.

Sitting in the Union and trying (and failing!) to sculpt with clay was equal parts relaxing and fun, I can’t wait to see how future festivals are going to play off this template to get even more groups involved.

On my side of things, apart from all of the clay sculpting, we have received all the event applications for the 2018 Festival, so the team is now deciding which of the amazing events will be included in the programme! I’m so happy with the diverse groups of people we have been able to reach out to this year. The job has been very time consuming, but I’m very lucky to have been able to meet so many of the people from all parts of the student community here and encourage them to see how there is a creativity to everything. 

I’m really looking forward to making OTR 2018 a festival full of all sorts of events - watch this space to see what we come up with!

Benji Osugo 

Head of Programming

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