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Announcing Our 2018 Website

On the Rocks is excited to announce that our new website is live!As web editor for the On the Rocks, I’m responsible for the design and management of the website. Over winter break I worked on recreating our website to showcase our vision for this year’s festival.

I really enjoyed putting together the website. I’ve always loved designing and creating something out of scratch, so making this was an exciting task for me. For the website, I worked closely with Sabine, our Festival Designer, to piece together the visuals for the website. Mainly, we wanted to incorporate different aspects of St Andrews into our site. This is why we decided to use the watercolour theme to show the uniqueness of our seaside town.

Probably the most challenging part of redesigning the website was figuring out where to start. I wanted to make something that I was proud of and something that other people would enjoy using. However, I also had to think about how I could represent the festival on the site. But most importantly, I wanted to do something that was different from last year’s website. Last year, the On the Rocks website took a more minimalistic stand and used muted tones. This year, we decided to focus more on graphics and incorporated different, bright blue shades to make the website stand out.

I hope everyone enjoys the new site. I can’t wait for On the Rocks to start and all the events the Festival has in store for the St Andrews community!

Samantha Philipp

Web Designer 

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