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10 Years of On The Rocks

For a small seaside town, St Andrews is never short on events. Ranging from fashion shows to balls of every creed, the want for things to do is a rare complaint. But to me, there is none more special or worthwhile than the ten days in April that make up the On The Rocks (OTR) Festival.

Now entering its tenth year, the Festival is the ultimate way to celebrate creativity in St Andrews. Bringing together all the different elements of the town-gown community, this coastal haven is transformed into a hub of artistic inspiration. Since its inception in 2009, the Festival continues to grow into an increasingly more impressive project year after year. Amongst OTR’s achievements to date is the fact that the festival is the largest of its kind in the UK.Building upon the hard-earned reputation of OTR teams past, this year’s exceptionally talented Executive Committee is striving to be more inclusive and ambitious than ever before. As we embark on our mission to embrace alternative creativity, we hope to bring more people – be they students, societies, locals, or travelers – into the fold of OTR which takes over the town annually.

To be even the smallest part of OTR, as a volunteer or participant, has been an incredible experience. To be entrusted with the role of Festival Director has been another privilege entirely. Watching the Festival come together, meeting by meeting, event by event, has been one of the most rewarding undertakings of my life. The originality, creativity, and potential within a three-street Scottish town is truly astounding, and it is a privilege to provide a platform for such amazing creativity through the Festival.

So get involved! Attend a show, take a workshop, enjoy an exhibition. OTR provides something for everyone, and we cannot wait to be inspired with you.

Sneha Nair

Festival Director

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