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I'm very pleased to congratulate the St Andrews Students' Association and send my good wishes and support for this platform for the exciting new talents growing in and around St Andrews. This is the future and we will all be the better for giving it a chance to flourish"

-Dame Helen Mirren

All the best for On The Rocks Festival, it is a wonderful idea and integral in supporting new work in the student arts whilst exhibiting new talents around Scotland. Long may it continue."

-Simon Pegg

Dame Judy Dench

Sir Sean Connery

I'm delighted to hear about On The Rocks and hope it will be a huge success. It's vitally important to support and promote new work across the arts especially in these times of bet-hedging, penny-pinching and playing safe and it's thrilling to know that the students of St Andrews are creating an opportunity for aspiring and existing practitioners to work together across the artistic spectrum to make something new and lovely for the whole community to benefit from, now and in the future."

-Siobhan Redmond

On The Rocks is a truly inspirational festival, to which I send my support and very best wishes. As a student I was encouraged to engage in all aspects of theatre, music and film, and it is vital that events such as this festival continue to grow and be nurtured in order to support the artistic minds of the future."

-Andy Serkis

On the Rocks is a fantastic idea and I wish it all the best."

-Crispin Bonham-Carter

All my fondest good wishes for the great success of On The Rocks and to students far and near. Cheers, sweeties."

-Joanna Lumley

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